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4 products
Taiwan Frozen Summit

Taiwan has one of the most ideal climates and geography for growing tea in the world. With high mountain ranges, abundant sunshine, and loads of precipitation, this small country has become a big player in the world of premium loose leaf tea. 

When shopping for Oolong tea online, Taiwan is the go-to country, having inherited much of their tea expertise from Chinese immigrants when Taiwan was annexed into China in 1683. The focus changed from producing black to green tea depending on who was occupying the country for several centuries.  Since the 1970’s however, efforts have focused and succeeded on developing world-class oolong tea.  As a mere fledgling in the tea trade industry, Taiwan’s small harvests create premium loose leaf teas to entice even the most selective tea enthusiast.  Taiwanese growers offer some of the very best varieties of oolong tea online. 

With Happy Lucky’s Teahouse you can buy pure leaf oolong tea online, other premium loose leaf teas or our herbal teas by the ounce.  If you want more than one ounce, simply increase the number.