Green Tea

29 products

29 products
Apricot Green
China Dragonwell
China Jasmine Pearls
China Monkey King
China Pearl Gunpowder
China Rising Phoenix
Green Earl Grey
Iroh's Jasmine Dragon
Japan Bancha
Japan Genmaicha
Japan Gyokuro
Japan Hojicha
Japan Kukicha
Japan Sencha
Korea Sejak Green
Korea Yipcha Green
Nepal Pokhara Green
Tropical Sunset Green

If you are looking for loose leaf green tea online, you will find hundreds of varieties because it is the most globally consumed of all teas. We have curated a diverse selection of our favorites from Jasmine Pearl to Matcha and everything in-between, sourced from traditional tea gardens around the globe.  

The most important element of loose leaf green tea production is preventing oxidation and preserving the green color of the fresh leaf. Requiring a skilled hand, the tea leaf picker must be careful not to bruise any leaves throughout the day’s harvest. Shortly after harvesting, the leaves are treated with heat to stymie any enzymatic action and to fortify the “green” color. Depending on the country of origin, green tea is de-enzymined by firing in a pan or basket, or steamed.  Loose leaf green teas can have a wide range of flavors, often described as bittersweet, grassy, sweet, nutty, buttery, floral, and earthy. 

Loose leaf green tea online, from Jasmine Pearl to Matcha and everything in-between, is sold by the ounce. If you want more than one ounce, simply increase the number.