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8 products
Fire Chai
Chandra Chai
Rooibos Red Bush Chai
Golden Chai
Khmer Chai

Chai teaMasala Chai began as ayurvedic herbal medicine in India hundreds of years ago. Masala translates to “spice blend” while chai is another word for tea, therefore Masala chai simply means spiced tea (and Chai tea means tea tea!) The spice blend combination is open to creative variation and that’s why you will find 8 different flavors of chai tea for sale at Happy Lucky’s because we love to experiment with spice and flavor. 

The most common spices used are cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, clove, and pepper. Other commonly used additions include nutmeg, vanilla, coconut, anise, fennel, licorice, lavender, and coriander. The flavor options for making delicious masala chai teas are limitless!

Spices yield stronger effects when boiled for a longer period, so we have chosen tea bases that are less finicky for our blends.  We encourage chai lovers to try our spiced teas in their purest forms before adding sweetener and milk (or dairy alternatives) which have a powerful effect on quelling the astringency and bringing the flavors forward.

We offer a wide range of masala chai for sale at Happy Lucky’s, from traditional to the esoteric, discover your new favorite!   (*indicates very low to no caffeine) 

  • Mahatma Masala Chai - The classic
  • Fire Chai - The classic with spicy chili added
  • Kheer Chai - Our rice pudding inspired version
  • Golden Chai-ld - Golden milk inspired with tumeric 
  • Khmer Chai - Inspired by the flavors of Cambodia
  • Chocolate Chai* -  spiced chocolate hulls add a rich decadent flavor
  • Chandra Chai* - Bold spices with a rooibos and chamomile base
  • Rooibos Red Bush Chai* - Classic flavor in a rooibos base

Loose leaf tea is sold by the ounce. If you want more than one ounce, simply increase the number.