Matcha Madness Winner's Circle Tea Box

Matcha Madness Winner's Circle Tea Box

Matcha Madness Winner's Circle Tea Box

The Matcha Madness Winner's Circle Tea Box is a crazy selection guessed it Matcha Madness winning teas. 

During the month of March, tea lover's have been visiting Happy Lucky's Teahouse or playing from home and voting for their favorite tea. Each day the winning tea advances to the next round. Each year we have crowned a winning tea. For the first time ever we have assembled the winning teas into a special limited edition tea box. 

The Matcha Madness Winner's Circle Tea Box includes 2oz of each winning loose leaf tea plus a Happy Lucky's folding tea strainer. Each tea comes with brewing instructions for delicious at home brewing. 

From 2019, the inaugural madness, is Strawberry OolongA magical synergy of flavor between lightly oxidized oolong tea, strawberries, and goji berries.

2022 Winner, China Golden Monkey. A crisp honey sweetness with beautifully twisted golden leaves.

2023 Winner, Iroh's Jasmine Dragon. Uncle Iroh understands that good tea is its own reward, and tastes delicious whether served in a porcelain pot or a tin cup. 

2024 Winner, Mahatma Masala Chai. Classic Indian spiced tea.

To see the full 2024 Matcha Madness bracket click here

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Steeping Instructions

Each tea will come with brew instructions.

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