Brand Promise

At Happy Lucky’s, we believe culture, lifestyle, health, and happiness boil down to three elements: Water, Tea and Time. Our pure leaf teas and custom tea blends are flavored by nature, using plants not processing. Hand-crafted with pure, honest ingredients, organically sourced whenever possible. We promise a nourishing tea experience guiding you to inner peace and happiness with every cup.
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Our mission

To "Nourish Your Happy" through community, connection and the experience of great tea.

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Since 2009, owners George and Kari Grossman have been sharing how culture, lifestyle, health, and happiness boil down to just three elements: Water, Tea, and Time. Whether you are already a tea lover or new to the brew, you’ll find the flavor, aroma, and feeling that speaks to you from over 200 loose leaf options. Our tea selection is the largest in the State of Colorado, and we ship our teas to your home anywhere in the country!

Loose Leaf Tea

Most of our best-sellers are custom-blended flavored teas and artisan-crafted herbal teas created in house and only available at Happy Lucky's Teahouse.
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Loose Leaf Tea is best enjoyed in teaware specifically designed to extract its full flavor and induce a pleasant and focused tea brewing experience.
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Join the Tea Lover's Club and all your online and in-teahouse purchases earn valuable points (earn 1 point for every $1 spent). Points are redeemable both online and in-teahouse.

Water, Tea, & Time

Different teas require different preparation. White Tea, Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Black Tea and Herbal Teas all need to be brewed properly, at specific temperatures and for specific amounts of time, to get the maximum effect. When you buy loose leaf tea online we give you the specific brew instructions for each tea for optimal flavor and consistency.