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Matcha Madness Tea Sampler Box
Matcha Madness Tea Sampler Box

Matcha Madness Tea Sampler Box

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Matcha Madness is a daily taste-off between two teas at Happy Lucky's Teahouse, throughout the month of March.

Do you want to taste and vote daily for your favorite teas during Matcha Madness but don't live in Fort Collins?

The Matcha Madness tea sampler box is your way to taste and vote each day.  

Contents of the Matcha Madness Tea Sampler Box:
* Printed Matcha Madness Bracket detailing the four competing "regions" - Pure Leaf Tea, Aromatic & Blended, Chai & Chocolate, and Herbal Teas. 
* All 32 teas competing in Matcha Madness. Each tea will come with brewing instructions and enough tea for ~ 3 - 8oz servings. 
* The Leaves of Tea tasting journal to record your personal tasting notes. Documenting your tasting and experience for each tea will allow you to vote in later rounds if you run out of tea.

For each daily taste-off you can vote for your daily favorite by emailing directly to

To see the full bracket click here

At home participation is limited to the first 25 people. 

Matcha Madness starts March 1st so buy now. Free shipping in the USA.