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"The sales velocity is unmatched!"
—Cait Soukup, Retail Coffee Manager @4 locations, Colorado State University

"Happy Lucky's Matcha Blend is a special treat that appeals to both coffee and tea drinkers. Students, faculty, and campus guests enjoy the product's high quality and incredible health benefits. Happy Lucky's has been incredible to work with, I can always count on excellent quality, quick and caring responses, and no unannounced product shortages." —Cait Soukup, Retail Coffee Manager, CSU

#1 Selling Tea Drink

• Fast moving
• Delicious taste
• High Quality
• Invigorating effects
• Antioxidants & L-theanine promote alpha brain waves to give a calm energy boost
• Healthy alternative to coffee
• Contains caffeine
• Easy to prepare

A sweet blend of Matcha Green Tea for Lattés & Smoothies HOT or ICED

• In-store signage to promote Matcha lattés
• Instructional videos on Matcha preparation
• Cross promotion on our website, newsletter (16k), social media, and radio.
• Invigorating effects
7 Benefits of Matcha Tea -
Will Matcha Rule the Tea World 


Price per kilo: $58.80
12oz Servings per kilo: 67
12oz Matcha Latté SRP: $4.50-$4.95


How To Prepare A Delicious Matcha Latté - Hot or Iced