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If you’re looking  to buy Japanese green tea online look no further, we have both loose leaf tea and matcha, but it’s more fun to enjoy if you know a little bit of Japanese tea history.  

Tea was first introduced to Japan in the 8th century by Buddhist monks who had spent time studying in China, where tea was already a popular beverage. The monks supposedly used tea as a stimulant to stay awake during long hours of meditation. Tea wasn’t cultivated in Japan for another 300 to 400 years. Today, the country produces almost exclusively green tea, sold as both powdered matcha and loose leaf tea.  

All classic Japanese teas are produced using the steam method to prevent oxidation (as opposed to the dry heat method used in China) to help preserve the fresh aroma of the leaves, making Japanese green teas distinct in flavor. If you’ve never had the opportunity to buy Japanese green tea online before, be sure to watch our virtual tasting videos to get a sense of their very bright green flavor profiles. 

Throughout the history of Japan various tea masters have left their mark on the preparation of tea, especially the Japanese Chanoyu, the way of tea ceremony. A tea master performs a series of orchestrated steps from cleaning the teaware to a precise brewing sequence that presents the tea with subtle layers of distinct flavor.  The profound intention of each step in the ceremony evokes  a serene and meditative feeling when the tea is consumed. 

When you buy Japanese green tea online you also get the zen of the culture that comes with it, seemingly infused into the leaves. Happy Lucky’s Great Wall of Tea offers a large selection of Japanese loose leaf teas, ceremonial grade matcha powder and cafe blends great for matcha lattes.