Boba for the People of Fort Collins 

Boba for People and Better for the Planet

Some people call it Bubble Tea or even Boba Drink, but either way Happy Lucky’s now offers a healthier version this popular drink. We use our popular delicious whole leaf handcrafted tea blends and maple infused tapioca pearls.

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Fort Collins Boba Tea Menu

Serving daily from 11am to close

* indicates herbal / caffeine free
20 oz iced serving with bamboo straw

Milk Tea — choice of dairy: whole milk, almond, oat

Boba Grey — Madame Grey Black Tea + dairy + boba
      Bergamot, vanilla, rose, hint of citrus
FoCo Bobo* — Visit Fort Collins Blend Herbal Tea + dairy + boba
      Blueberry, black currant, peach & cinnamon
Cinnamon Pancakes — Happy Lucky’s Breakfast Blend Black Tea + dairy + boba
      Vanilla, cinnamon, and a touch of nutmeg
Peaches n’ Cream — Peach Cobbler Black Tea + dairy + boba
       Sweet peaches, touch of cinnamon, creamy vanilla
The B.L.G. — Blueberry Lemon Ginger Black Tea + dairy + Boba
      Berries, lemon, lingering ginger
Puddin’ Time — Kheer Chai Dark Tea + dairy + boba
      Creamy vanilla, cinnamon, and hint of clove
Scout's Cookies* — Peppermint Pat-Tea Chocolate Herbal Tea + dairy + boba
      Chocolate with a strong mint backbone
Brownie Batter — Chocolate Aire Dark Tea + dairy + boba
      Rich and fudgy chocolate

Neat - no dairy recommended

Vanilla Ice Quencher* — Kai Hele Herbal Tea + Boba
      Coconut, hibiscus, vanilla, hint of rose
Strawberry Fields — Strawberry Oolong Tea + Boba

Off the Wall Boba...

Matcha Boba — Cafe Blend prepared to level 2 sweetness
Chai Boba — Mahatma or Chocolate chai blend prepared to level 2 sweetness

Anything Goes Boba — add boba to any tea for $1.00

3 Levels of Sweetness...

level 1 - low sugar - simple syrup from soaked Boba only
level 2 - slightly sweet - 1 squirt of simple syrup
level 3 - sweet boba tea - 2 squirts of simple syrup

Enjoy Fort Collins Boba Tea that is healthier for people and the planet!

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