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Loose leaf tea is about more than a comforting beverage, it’s also about the ritual of brewing and the mindfulness of the moment. We offer a variety of tea brewing accessories to enliven your daily tea ritual for every tea personality and mood. 

Before you buy teapots and infusers online, it’s important to consider the type of tea to be prepared, the cultural setting of its origin, and your intention for the encounter.  For this reason, most loose leaf tea lovers have a collection of tea brewing accessories to choose from in their cupboard: Yixing clay teapots for delicate Chinese varieties; a gongfu set for personal tea ceremony; a cast iron pot to keep Japanese greens the perfect temperature; glass vessels and ceramic artworks to beautifully steep and serve Indian tea leaves, flavored blacks and our artisan herbal blends!   

Happy Lucky's presents a collection of teaware and tea brewing accessories curated from the fundamental considerations of tea-type, culture, season, and artistry so when you buy teapots and infusers online from us, you get a creative and complete tea-loving experience.

60 products
Bombilla - Spring
Cast Iron Cup
Folding Tea Strainer
Gravi-tea Brewer
Hand Painted Gaiwan
Kati Cup Brew Mug
Lotus Pond Cup
Matcha Fine Sifter
Matcha Whisk Stand
Perfect Teaspoon
Personalitea Teapot
Raven Kettle