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Tray for Chiseling your Pu-er Tea Cake

Tray for Chiseling your Pu-er Tea Cake

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Convenient and safe method for chiseling away at your pu-er tea cake! You might be asking yourself "Do I really need this?" If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then definitely need this tray!

1 - Have you ever put the tea in your lap to try and chisel away at it only to have it fall all over the floor?
2 - Have you ever stabbed your leg or groin trying to chisel away at your favorite tea cake or brick?
3 - Would you enjoy baffling your friends and family with a highly specialized tea technology device that only you know the use for?

Perfect for cakes up to 500 grams!


Size: 9" square

Material: Wood

Dishwasher Safe: No