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The Autofu Easy-Brew Gaiwan Travel Set-Black
The Autofu Easy-Brew Gaiwan Travel Set-Black

The Autofu Easy-Brew Gaiwan Travel Set-Black

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Has this happened to you before?


You’re pouring a piping hot cup of your favorite Happy Lucky’s tea from your gaiwan and… Ouch!


You’ve burned your fingers again.


Well, this can now be a problem of the past.


Our Tea-m has been traveling far and wide, searching for the latest technology know to the tea world and we are pleased to bring you the Autofu Easy-Brew Gaiwan Travel Set.


What makes the Autofu so unique? We’re glad you asked!


Each Autofu is set up with “pull up” technology.

This is how it works: First, place your ceramic chamber into the glass pitcher.

Fill the chamber with tea leaf, and hot water.

Wait a few seconds for the perfect brew…

Lift the ceramic chamber up and BOOM you have homemade gong fu tea.

For a limited time only, we are including three ceramic cups, and a tea towel to help complete your set!



Act now and you will not only receive the Autofu Easy-Brew Gaiwan Travel Set, ceramic cups, and tea towel, but you will also get a complimentary form-fitting case that will keep your new tea set safe and sound when you travel!


Choose between Smooth White, and Textured Black and bring your tea time to the next level TODAY.