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Rust Flower Tea Set-24oz

Rust Flower Tea Set-24oz

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The world has ended… How? You’re not sure… Someone got mad at someone else maybe? A crazy accident? Or perhaps nature was just taking its course?

It doesn’t matter anymore.

You pour yourself another cup of tea and stare at your teapot.

You break out into a nearly manic grin when you realize that this, your little teapot, perfectly represents the world you are now in.

The rich deep orange and brown colors on the pot and cup remind you of the rust that is all around you, and just like the little flowers on your teapot, there are little nudges of nature peaking their way out into the world again.

You take another sip.

Everything has changed, everything but tea.

And that right there makes this life a good one.

This tea set includes a 24oz teapot, infuser basket, bamboo handle, and four 5oz tea cups.

handle, and four 5oz tea cups.