Social's Peach Earl Grey

Social's Peach Earl Grey

A custom loose leaf tea blend created for Social—an underground cocktail bar in Old Town Fort Collins, CO.
High Caffeine

The "Old Stogie" is a cocktail experience crafted by Social. The cocktail is Rye Whiskey, Brown Sugar, Citrus Bitters, and Smoked Peach Earl Grey Tea. 

The Old Stogie Cocktail Experience
"Step into a realm of refined indulgence with our signature creation, the "Old Stogie" cocktail, a masterful concoction brought to life by the artisans at Social. Weaving together the robust essence of Rye Whiskey with the sultry sweetness of Brown Sugar, this libation dances on the palate with layers of complexity.
But the pièce de résistance lies in our innovative infusion technique. Behold as we harness the enchanting allure of Smoked Peach Earl Grey Tea, a bespoke blend crafted exclusively for this cocktail. As the tea leaves are delicately set ablaze, wisps of fragrant smoke spiral upwards, imbuing the air with an intoxicating aroma.
As the glass, still shrouded in a veil of smoke, is presented to your table, anticipation mounts. With a ceremonious flip, the vessel releases its captive haze, enveloping you in a cloud of sensory delight. Finally, with a steady hand, the elixir is poured, merging the essence of smoke-kissed tea with the spirited harmony of Rye Whiskey, Brown Sugar, and a dash of Citrus Bitters.
Embark on a journey of taste and sensation with each sip of the "Old Stogie," a testament to the artistry of cocktail craft and the boundless creativity of Social. Cheers to an experience that ignites the senses and lingers long in memory."
Now, for the first time, Social's Peach Earl Grey loose leaf tea is available for tea lovers to enjoy hot, iced, or infusing your favorite cocktail at home. 
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Steeping Instructions

Steep Time: 3-4 min
Water Temp: Boiling
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1

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