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China Snow Dragon
China Snow Dragon

China Snow Dragon

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Grown in a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Wuling Mountain District, China Snow Dragon grows amongst craggy cliffs that mingle with the clouds and mist. Growing at about 3,000 feet, it does take some effort to cultivate. With only one plucking between mid March and early April, it is extremely limited production. The tea is wrapped in cloth for 10 to 15 hours while still warm from the de-enzyming process to bring out deeper flavors and aromas. The flavor is initially warming and roasty, followed by a sweet finish and a deep mineral linger. This is also known in China as "Xue Long."

Steep Time: 30 seconds-2 min
Water Temp: 170º
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1-3