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65 products

65 products
Japan Sencha
Korea Sejak Green
Korea Yipcha Green
Nepal Ambrosia Oolong
Nepal Nectar White
Nepal Pokhara Green
Roasted Yerba Mate
Taiwan Frozen Summit
Yerba Mate

Many factors: climate, temperature and rainfall, shadow and light, soil and, altitude and gradient of tea growing regions affect the flavor and characteristics of tea. Different varieties, cultivars and terroir (the natural environment in a growing region), are what make tea grown in different regions and countries so wonderfully varied. Even micro-climates within a tea garden will yield different flavors. The same "type" of tea with a similar leaf shape and processing will possess differing characteristics. This is what makes the journey so much fun. We invite you to explore by origin. 

Loose leaf tea is sold by the ounce. If you want more than one ounce, simply increase the number.