Happy Lucky's Teahouse
Matcha Madness 2023
Bracket Winners

Throughout the month of March, Happy Lucky's Teahouse will have a daily taste-off between two teas. Visit, taste both teas, and vote daily for your favorite. The winning tea each day will advance to the next round, until we have our Championship Tea-off on March 31! One lucky voter will be drawn each day and win 100 Tea Lovers Club points.

May the odds be ever in your flavor. 

Check back daily to see the winners. Winning teas also posted on Instagram and Facebook

Click Official Rules to see the Official Rules.

Lucky Voters:
March 1st: Elizabeth M. 
March 2nd: Vivian P.
March 3rd: Silver M. 
March 4th: Christopher L.
March 5th: Sophia B.
March 6th: Abby D.
March 7th: Cathy W.
March 8th: Dawson C.
March 9th: Mitchell G.
March 10th: Rayna N.
Marich 11th: Mike B.
March 12th: Crystal B.
March 13th: Andrew W.
March 14th: Hope C.
March 15th: Bekah Y.
March 16th: Jacob G.
March 17th: Ashley A.
March 18th: Travis C.
March 19th: Michael B.
March 20th: Katrina R.
March 21st: Jon D. 
March 22nd: Rachel S.
March 23rd: William T.
March 24th: Adrianne J.
March 25th: Andrew N. 
March 26th: Molly P. 
March 27th: Ashley S.
March 28th: John K.
March 29th: Cara M.
March 30th: Elizabeth R.
March 31st: Noah D.

Bracket Leaderboard: As of March 31th. 

1st Place—600 points: Gwynne L.-R.

2nd Place—520 points: Maggie D.

3rd Place—490 points: Crystal B. 

4th Place—480 points: Noah D.