Matcha Madness 2022 Video Series

Welcome to the Matcha Madness video series!

Video 1: Happy Lucky's Teahouse Matcha Madness 2022! (intro) - TRT: 0:31

Video 2: Matcha Madness 2022 Kickoff (3/1/22) - TRT: 1:44

Video 3: Matcha Madness 2022 Round One Recap (3/16/22) - TRT: 3:19

Video 4: Matcha Madness Round Two Recap 2022 (3/24/22) - TRT: 2:39

Video 5: Matcha Madness Final 4 Analysis (3/28/22) - TRT: 3:25 

Video 6: China Golden Monkey 2022 Matcha Madness Champion (4/1/22) - TRT: 0:45

Throughout the month of March, Happy Lucky's Teahouse will have a daily taste-off between two teas. Visit, taste both teas, and vote daily for your favorite. The winning tea each day will advance to the next round, until we have our Championship Tea-off on March 31! One lucky voter will be drawn each day and win 100 Tea Lovers Club points.

May the odds be ever in your flavor. 

Click here to see the full bracket and daily results.

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