Wheat Ridge Loose Leaf Tea

Our mission is to "Nourish Your Happy"—through community, connection and the experience of great tea.

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse is here to serve the tea lovers of Wheat Ridge. Our wide selection of high-quality loose leaf teas and accessories will surely enhance your tea drinking experience. We have been selling our unique tea blends since 2009 and are one of the superior tea shops in northern Colorado. Whether you are a lover of matcha, Earl Grey, or chamomile, we have the perfect tea for you!

 When you connect with Happy Lucky’s, you’ll be welcomed by an experienced team of Leafsters who love helping our customers select the perfect tea. We can recommend the best tea blend for any time of day, whether it’s an early morning pick-me-up or a soothing tea to drink before bed. We are passionate about tea and strongly believe in its restorative properties.

 The Happy Lucky’s Teahouse online store is proud to bring high-quality loose leaf teas to the Wheat Ridge community. We offer over 200 different types of tea in both pure leaf and flavored tea blend varieties. Our Great Wall of Tea includes white, green, black, yellow, oolong, dark/pu-er, and herbal varieties for every mood and occasion. You can find classic flavors like hibiscus, rooibos, and yerba mate, or try one of our unique offerings like chocolate chai or Madame Grey. We are especially passionate about our selection of hand-crafted herbal tea blends that promote a wide range of health benefits like relaxation and a strong immunity. You can also find a variety of teaware to enhance your tea drinking experience, whether you want that perfect cup of matcha or a refreshing batch of iced tea.

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We invite you to visit our online store today to find your next favorite tea. We happily ship to customers in Wheat Ridge and the surrounding areas. Happy Lucky’s Teahouse is located in Fort Collins, so please stop by for a visit if you’re in the area! We’re committed to offering only the best quality products and service to all tea lovers.