Berthoud Loose Leaf Tea

Our mission is to "Nourish Your Happy"—through community, connection and the experience of great tea.

If you live in the Berthoud area and love tea, come visit the online store at Happy Lucky’s Teahouse! We offer a wide selection of high-quality loose leaf teas and accessories to help you make that perfect cup. Here you will find all of the classic flavors, along with unique blends that might become your new favorite.

Since our founding in 2009, Happy Lucky’s Teahouse has been committed to providing only the highest quality tea and service to our customers. If you’re new to the art of tea, we encourage you to speak to one of our Leafsters, who are experts in selecting and brewing a variety of tea blends. They can help you choose a delicious new flavor and provide tips to make sure you know how to make the best cup. We love to be involved in the tea community and are passionate about continually learning about this ancient beverage. Tea has a long history and is enjoyed all around the world, so there’s always something to learn. Many people also enjoy tea for its health benefits, such as relaxation and lowering stress.

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Our online store contains over 200 varieties of both pure leaf flavors and blends. Tea lovers in the Berthoud area are sure to find something special, and we can deliver straight to your door. Whether you like green tea, herbal, or black, our online store has something for you! Also make sure to check out our special blends that were created to promote health benefits, like our immune-boosting or relaxation herbal teas. We also offer a wide selection of premium tea accessories, which are a perfect gift for the tea lover in your life.

Happy Lucky’s Teahouse is ready to serve you, so please reach out to our Leafsters with any questions. Select your new favorite tea from our online store, and we’ll conveniently ship straight to your home. Contact us today to learn more!