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Valentine's Day Tea Gift Box

Valentine's Day Tea Gift Box

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner and we want to help you celebrate love—all kinds. Whether it be self-love, familial love, friendship, romantic love, or you know someone who could use some love, we encourage you to go ahead and brighten their day!

The Valentine's Day Tea Gift Box is the perfect gift that says "you are truly special." 

The Valentine's Day Tea Gift Box contains:
* Cocoa Rosa (2oz) | Happy Lucky’s Cocoa Rosa is an homage to a classic Valentine’s present. Chocolate, roses, and tea, it is a balance of energies, warmth and softness, deep and subtle. A blend of Chocolate Tea, Rooibos Chocolate Orange, Rose Petal Black tea, rose petal, and ginger. This herbal blend has no caffeine.

* The Lyric Blend (2oz) | The Lyric Blend is hand crafted by us for our favorite local theater: The Lyric! This blend includes Blood Orange, Lychee, and Rose Petal black teas. Sit back, and enjoy the cup. This black tea blend has caffeine.

* Rooibos Chocolate Raspberry (2oz) | Blending organic Chocolate Tea with Rooibos Chocolate Orange and Rooibos Raspberry seemed so natural to do. Creamy in texture, deep and bright in flavor, Rooibos Chocolate Raspberry is a decadent but guilt-free treat. Have a friend who doesn't like tea? Have them try this, and they will most likely convert right before your eyes. Contains Soy. This is an herbal tea with no caffeine.

* Iroh's Jasmine Dragon (2oz) | Uncle Iroh understands that good tea is it's own reward, and tastes delicious whether served in a porcelain pot or a tin cup. This homage contains Lychee black tea, China Magnolia Oolong, China Jasmine green tea, and jasmine blossoms. This is so much more than just mere hot leaf juice! This tea blend contains caffeine.

* Each package of loose leaf of tea will make about 12-14 eight ounce cups of tea.
* Each tea comes with brewing instructions on the package.