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Panda Tea Tin - 3oz

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For the 21st century tea lover, the Cast Iron Arc Tea Set includes a teapot, tea warmer, two cups, and two coasters for a contemporary tea gathering. The geometrical curves of the 24 oz. black Cast Iron Arc Teapot complement its counterparts impeccably for many pots of loose-leaf tea to come.

Material: Cast iron
Teapot: 24 oz.
Infuser basket included: no
6 pieces includes: teapot, tea warmer, 2 cups, 2 coasters
Color: black

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About cast iron teapots: Cast iron teapots came on the scene in Japan in the 18th century. Previously, tea was prepared in powdered form. With the emergence of loose-leaf tea, the Japanese public needed a means to steep tea leaves. During the 19th century, cast iron teapots became symbols of status, intricately and gracefully decorated. Teapots like these are what you will encounter at Happy Lucky's Teahouse.