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Dragon Egg Travel Set

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When taking care of your dragon egg it is important to make sure you take care of it by following the instructions contained. If ignored, your dragon may become a danger to you and those around you. Now, follow closely:
1. Make sure your dragon egg is stored in a place of honor when not in use. This may be on a table, shelf, or kitchen counter. Admiration from peers and loved ones is key to a healthy drakeling.
2. Fill with hot water every day, you cannot over water your dragon egg, but you must keep it warm during the watering process.
3. Fill your dragon egg each and every day with the finest Camellia Sinensis leaves. Dragons, drakes, and wyrms of all sorts prefer pure loose leaf tea to that of bagged or flavored blends. Black and Pu-erh teas are the general preference of the speckled blue drake found here, but oolongs will suffice as well.
With proper love and attention, your dragon egg may hatch into a glorious beast which will be the envy of all. Happy Lucky's Teahouse is not responsible for misuse of the dragon contained within or property damage caused once hatched.