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China V93 Tuocha Shou Pu-er - 100g - Oz

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V93 refers to the year the recipe for this ?bird?s nest? was created, 1993. The first infusion gives a wonderful velvety smooth mouthfeel with deep, earthy, cocoa aroma. Subsequent infusions give increased sweetness, and as the cocoa aroma mellows, pine and other woodsy aromas come to the front. This tea won first prize in the 13th Shanghai National Tea Culture Competition in 2006. It is an excellent tea for the price. 210?5 vintage; tasty now, and will be even better in a few years.

Steep Time: 30 seconds-3 min
Water Temp: 200º-212º
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 4-10