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Meet the Happy Lucky's Leafsters

What are Leafsters? We are an eclectic team of tea lovers coming together to serve some of the most wonderful teas in the world. We are foodies who enjoy the minutia of flavor. We are simple folk breaking down the snootiness of tea. We are lovers of the leaf.

George Grossman: Chief Leafster

George likes creating connections, taking photographs and drinking tea. He recently won the Business Innovator of the Year Award from Visit Fort Collins for creating the Fort Collins Foodie Walk. Beside Happy Lucky's he is the co-founder of Sustainable Schools International, a non-profit supporting education in Cambodia.

  • Favorite Tea(s): Taiwan Wenshan Baozhong
  • Interesting Fact: Hiked the Appalachian Trail
  • Time at Happy Lucky's: Since conception
  • Other Useful Item: Totally convinced that REM is the greatest rock-n-roll band ever—please humor him.

Andy Boone: Manager And Master Blender

Andy’s background is as colorful as his blending, having backpacked Hawaii, explored Cambodia, served as roadie/spiritual advisor for a touring rock band, as well as being a wedding officiant. Andy began his tea career in 2001 in a little tea shop in rural Missouri, where he realized his talent and passion for “tasty beverage”. He has also studied Yoga, Tai Chi, Kuk Sool Won (traditional Korean martial system), and flatpicking guitar. When he isn't crafting beverages he is likely camping, backpacking, or chasing after his two beautiful children.

  • Favorite Tea(s): When asked what his favorite tea was, he responds “Why would I just pick one?” Scottish B-fast/American Roots/Dongfang Meiren, strangely, not mixed though.
  • Interesting Fact: Once wore an Elmo costume and did strange things with a Teletubby on stage in front of thousands of people as an opening act for The Chemical Brothers.
  • Time at Happy Lucky's: Since September 2009
  • Other Useful Item: Also blends cereals, soups and salsas—not necessarily all together.

Olivia Marks: Leafster

Despite being raised in a small town in Idaho, Olivia developed an interest for travel and multiculturalism at a young age. Since moving to Fort Collins in 2009, she's earned a BA in Spanish and International Studies, and also studied abroad in Costa Rica. Olivia feels both "happy" and "lucky" to be a part of the Teahouse because she's surrounded with high quality tea and tea lovers. When not slingin' tasty beverages she enjoys the outdoors, cycling, cooking, traveling, and spending time with loved ones.

  • Favorite Tea(s): Among her "top 25" are China Royal Phoenix Oolong, Khongea 2nd Flush Assam, Oriental Beauty, and American Roots...
  • Interesting Fact: Olivia's pup Bambi is internet famous!! and he is a prince.
  • Time at Happy Lucky's: Since March 2014
  • Other Useful Item: A pot of tea + baby animal videos can brighten anyone's day.

Dylan Smith: Social Media Coordinator (Archmagus of Leaves)

Not many things are known about Dylan, but this is a fact…he loves drinking plant matter. Elusive and mysterious, Dylan sightings are rare and any photographs taken of him are usually blurry or partially obscured by mist. Dylan is fine with this. He is most likely to be found in his natural environment (tea shops) or around his favorite energy source (caffeine). What we do know is he graduated from the Equinox School of Herbal Studies in 2015 and is now attending the World Tea Academy. He has a passion for making delicious teas, tasty tisanes, and bitter brews. The rest is only speculation.

  • Favorite Tea(s): Smokey Tea
  • Interesting Fact: Is not actually a cryptid.
  • Time at Happy Lucky's: Since October 2016
  • Other Useful Item: REDACTED

Kari Grady Grossman: Pineapple Princess

Kari is the Author of Bones That Float, A Story of Adopting Cambodia, winner of the 2008 “Peacemaker of the Year” Award from the Independent Publisher’s Association and a Gold Nautilus Book Award for World Changing Books. She is the co-owner of Happy Lucky's, and Co-Founder of Sustainable Schools International.

  • Favorite Tea(s): Korean Sejak
  • Interesting Fact: Even with so many teas to choose from still drinks coffee in the morning
  • Time at Happy Lucky's: Since conception
  • Other Useful Item: Believes all roads lead to OOLONG.

Amanda Gaines: Product & Inventory Manager - Leafster
Sean Grady: Wholesale Accounts Manager & Leafster
Aly Thompson: Leafster
Erin Wade: Leafster
Grady Grossman: Leafster, Dishwasher, and Delivery Dude
Lillian Koso: Leafster
Mason Seidling: Leafster 
Samantha Tovey: Leafster 
Thorne Winchester: Leafster