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Pretty Pancake Teapot - 18oz

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For the tea lover aspiring to an experience for all senses, the 16 oz. Lucent Glass Tea Mug affords a choice view of the brewing process. Tea permeates into water as it brews in the roomy chrome infuser, which can be removed at the perfect time. Hassle free in every way, just remove the durable silicone lid to take the infuser basket out and enjoy the aesthetics!

Infusion Instructions:
1. Fill the chrome infuser with loose-leaf tea according to your Happy Lucky's instructions. (We recommend 1 teaspoon per every 8 oz. of water.)
2. Add hot water and close lid.
3. Brew tea for the recommended amount of time (see Happy Lucky's instructions).
4. Lift infuser out of pot and enjoy! Re-steeping is encouraged.

Material: Basket infuser - Stainless steel; Lid - silicone; Pot - Borosilicate glass
Teapot: 16 oz.
Infuser basket included: Yes
Color: Kiwi (lid)