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Organic loose leaf Guayusa Tea (gwhy-you-sa) is made from a native Amazonian tree leaf that has been brewed like tea for thousands of years by indigenous communities as an energy stimulant.  A member of the holly genus, it is related to Yerba Mate and Yaupon. Containing abundant caffeine and a large amount of antioxidants, Guayusa offers a brew that is a clear, focused energy stimulant - what the native Kichwa people call "mental strength and courage." The aroma is rich and oceanic with molasses and chicory notes. Organic loose leaf Guayusa tea has a much sweeter taste than mate due to its lack of tannic acid, which also allows for long steeping without going bitter.

Steep Time: 3+ min
Water Temp: Boiling
TSP per 8 oz.: 1
Infusions: 1