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The 10 oz. Yixing Sandy Teapot is perfect for steeping tea for the gongfucha service. The bottom half of the pot is the traditional dark copper color of Yixing clay, where the top half is a sandy resplendent contrast. In true gongfucha form, take time to enjoy the quality of every steeping of loose-leaf tea!

Material: Yixing clay
Size: 2.5"H, 3.5"" Diameter
Volume: 10 oz.
Infuser basket included: No
Color: Dark copper and sandy yixing color

About Yixing:

About Gongfucha: Gongfucha translates to ?tea with great skill.? The earliest detection of the gongfucha practice was found in the Chaozhou region of China, between Fujian and Guangdong. Rather than a symbolic event, gongfucha is a service intending to realize the art of tea toward a science by controlling the variables of tea quality and quantity, water temperature, brew time, and teapot size.

About Yixing Clay: The locale of yixing clay is the Yixing area of China. The red clay is fired, but lacks any glazing process to retain the natural pores of the clay. This is important because these pores retain the flavor of the tea with each steeping. Legend has it that one will not even need to add tea leaves to a well-used, yixing pot after 20 years, as the pot will have absorbed so much flavor and aroma, it will generate the tea itself.

Academic articles about yixing pots:�0945,

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